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SG4 - Participation in Endgame After Early Expansion Further Explanation Required


We are requesting further clarification on this q&a. We would like this ruling to be abundantly clear, as some tournaments are interpreting this issue differently.

According to SG4, a robot that early expands and “cannot rectify the Violation cannot participate in further gameplay.” Our question is: does the robot have to retract back into the 18”x18”x18” before the endgame in order to “rectify the violation,” or does the team have to wait until the endgame begins to engage in any other gameplay as this would be considered rectifying the situation because there are no expansion limits during this time?

For example: a blue alliance robot early expands and does not retract the expansion before the endgame. The robot sits idle for the rest of the match until the endgame. During the end game, this robot scores a roller for the blue alliance. This action causes the blue alliance to win the match. Is this considered a major violation and would result in a disqualification of the blue robot?

<SG4> <SG4>

Answered by committee

A Robot that is in Violation of rule <SG4> and that does not retract or remedy the expansion cannot participate in further gameplay. If a Robot chooses to continue playing the game, they will at a minimum receive a Minor Violation of <SG4>. They will not receive points for tiles Covered in the Endgame. If the Head Referee determines that the expansion was intentional, strategic, and/or Match Affecting, the Team should receive a Major Violation and Disqualification for that Match.

The blue Robot in your example should receive a Major Violation and Disqualification for a Match Affecting Violation of <SG4>.

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