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<SC3> Disc Scoring in Low Goal - stacked discs

Drew Marston

Rule <SC3> A Disc is considered Scored in the Low Goal for the Alliance corresponding to the color of the adjacent Barrier if it meets the following criteria: a. Not fully supported by a Robot of the same color Alliance as the Low Goal. b. At least partially contained within the vertical projection of the Low Goal (i.e., “breaking the plane” of the Low Goal). c. Not contacting any field tiles outside of the Low Goal. d. Not contacting the Net. e. Not contacting the High Goal, or any of the supporting structures underneath the High Goal. Note: Discs which are Scored in a High Goal may not also count as being Scored in a Low Goal.


QUESTION - if disc is stacked on top of a scored disc in the low goal (with the bottom disc scored affirmatively in either a-e in above), what does a stacked disc on top of this = scored or un-scored? Figure 15th is not showing an example of this instance.


Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. As described in rule <SC3>, a Disc must be at least partially contained within the vertical projection of the Low Goal. There is no requirement that a Disc be in contact with a Field Tile inside the Low Goal, so the "stacked Disc" in your scenario would be considered Scored in the Low Goal, providing it meets all of the criteria listed in rule <SC3>.