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Safety concerns for EndGame Launchers

Jessica Mishima-Donahue (Event Partner)

We had a event this past weekend, and while one team was pinned against the wall before the 10 second bell, once they heard it, they fired their endgame launcher which was facing the wrong direction. Because of this, the weighted string (big nut from a air tank) ricocheted off of a glass trophy case in my cafeteria, thankfully it was not broken, but it did cause a loud bang in the arena.

My question is, what safety precautions should we be taking as a EP or even REFS if something like this is fired outside the field, being accidental, intentional, etc. Does that qualify for a DQ? Do we need to check the legality of flying a big chunk of metal through the air? Please advise.

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! As a consistent means to ensure the safety of participants, spectators, and event venues, the November 1 Game Manual update included the following addition to rules <S2> & <SG4>:

<S2> was expanded to indicate that a Robot which comes in contact with anything outside of the field during the Endgame period or due to an early expansion, including the floor or the outside face of the Field Perimeter, will automatically receive a Disqualification for that Match. <SG4> references this addition to rule <S2>.

This addition should encourage Teams to design their expansion mechanisms to prevent or minimize the chance of any component leaving the Field. As an additional safety measure, Team members at a Match are required to wear safety glasses; other participants should be encouraged to do the same or remain some distance away from the Field. It is always advisable to protect nearby objects that could be hit and damaged by Robots or game objects, although it may not always be possible to do so (e.g., Field monitors).