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Vertical expansion SG5


Rule SG5B states that the 24" height limit is a "virtual ceiling"

No part of the Robot may exceed an overall height of 24”. This height limit is a “virtual ceiling, ”meaning that no part of any Robot may ever exceed 24” above the foam tiles, regardless of Robot orientation.

Understanding this a tilt of the robot by climbing a disc would violate the 24" height limit as this is a robot orientation violating this rule. Taking this into account would the 18" height restriction also be held to this "virtual ceiling" e.g 18" tall robots driving over the low goal barrier are tilted and would breach 18" from the floor momentarily.

Thanks - Jacob

Answered by committee

These types of momentary tilts are addressed by the Note in SG5, quoted here for reference:

"It is expected that momentary Minor Violations, such as a mechanism retracting while a Robot enters a Low Goal, may occur. These will likely only result in a warning, if no gameplay interference occurs."

At most, this would be considered a warning, although in most cases this would simply be considered standard gameplay and not addressed by the Head Referee.