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SG5 Endgame Clarification



“Vertical expansion is limited. Robots may expand vertically within the following conditions: a. The Robot must not be contacting the gray field tiles in either Low Goal. … d. There are no vertical expansion limits during the Endgame.”

Is it legal to expand vertically during the endgame while contacting the foam tiles in a low goal? If so, is it legal to expand an arm that overhangs the high goal, and place or drop discs into the high goal?

Thank you in advance.

Answered by committee

This would be legal, provided that no rules are Violated in the process. Specifically, Teams would have to be cognizant of point "e" of SG5:

Robots may not contact the High Goal, Discs which are Scored in the High Goal, or the horizontal supporting structures directly underneath the High Goal. This rule applies at all times, regardless of Alliance / High Goal color.

Other rules to bear in mind would be SG3, SG7, SG9, G16, or G17.