Official Q&A: VEXU 2019-2020: Tower Takeover Usage Guidelines

<SG2> What Cubes are robots allowed to contact in autonomous

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<SG2> Stay on your side in Autonomous. During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact th foam tiles, Towers, or Cubes which are on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line. Violations of this rule will result in the Autonomous Bonus being awarded to the opposing Alliance. Intentional, strategic, or egregious violations, such as intentional contact with an opposing Robot while completely across the Autonomous Line, will result in a Disqualification. Note: Towers and Cubes which begin the Match in contact with the Autonomous Line are not considered to be on either side, and may be utilized by either Alliance during the Autonomous Period. If attempting to utilize these Towers or Cubes, Teams should be cognizant of the possibility that opponent Robots may attempt to do the same. <SG7>, <G10>, <G11>, and <G12> will be taken into account when these types of Robot interactions occur.

According to this rule, we are not allowed to contact any cubes that are fully in the opponent's side of the autonomous line. Now, the question is, would the following actions be legal?

a. In an attempt to intake cubes, the cube that were originally on your side of the autonomous line was pushed to touch the opponent's side of the autonomous line(e.g. Trying to intake a cube and the cube was pushed by the robot and touched the opponent's side of autonomous line). Are robots still allowed to interact with that said cube if the cube is not entirely on the opponent's side of the autonomous line? What if the said cube is fully in the opponent's zone?

b. The rule states that cubes begin the match in contact with the autonomous line are not considered to be on either side. What about the purple cube that sits above the 4 cubes, as seen in picture? It is not in contact with the autonomous line, since autonomous line is not a 3D space.

c. My interpretation is that "Cubes which begin the Match in contact with the Autonomous Line are not considered to be on either side", which means that those cubes are not on either side for the duration of the autonomous and as long as the robot does not touch foam tiles or towers on the opposing alliance side, they can interact with those said cubes which started neutral but are now fully on opponent's side? Robots can easily push the cubes forward a little in the processing to trying to intake it and in the process may result in that cube to be fully on opponent's side of autonomous, and can easily make contact with a cube which now is in opponent's zone if two robots are fighting for the same cube.

Thank you for explaining this long question!