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Scoring Zone Descored

Christie Schmitt (Event Partner)
hace 11 meses

I am an event partner and have talked with my head referee and he asked that this scenario be posted in the forum. Please answer how a referee should handle this situation should it occur.

The Red Robot has scored a stack of cubes in their unprotected goal zone. They have backed away and no longer are contacting the stacked cubes. The blue robot pushes the red robot into the red stack causing them to fall. Would this be indirect contact SG3B because the opposing robot caused the cubes to fall?

I have seen the following Q&A's but I am still unclear as to how the ruling should be made.

Please see this similar Q&A:

Answered by Game Design Committee

Yes, one Robot pushing another into causing some action is considered "indirect contact" by the first Robot. Therefore, a Robot which pushes an opponent into the opponent's own Protected Zone or Goal Zone would be subject to the full extent of SG3.

To answer your specific question, a Blue Robot pushing a Red Robot such that the push "knocks over their stack" and causes Cubes to become de-Scored would be considered a violation of SG3 part F on the Blue Robot, and should result in a Disqualification.