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Can VexU teams 3D print custom license plates?

hace 5 meses

Because VexU teams are allowed to create custom parts through 3D printing in <VUR3>, could VexU teams 3D print license plates instead of using the Vex license plates. Teams are already allowed to custom make stickers with the team ID to use on the Vex license plate. If a VexU team 3D printed their license plates where they still had two blue and two red license plates on two opposing side and the text was in a readable large white font would this be allowed? Do the plates need to be the same or similar size to the Vex license plates? Could VexU teams be able to 3D print their license plates and the head ref have final say in if the plates are not readable compared to the Vex license plates and the team then use the Vex license plates? I attached a example of what I am talking about below.img