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Required Electronics?


When registering a team for VAIRC, a message pops up which the user must accept which contains the following statements:

The VEX AI Competition requires each individual team to design and build 2 V5 robots,** as well as to use additional AI add-on accessories.** This VEX AI add-on kit is available for purchase on

Emphasis mine.

I cannot find any rules in the VAIRC Appendix in the Game Manual that indicate that teams are compelled to use any AI-specific components, from VEX or not. Rather, it was my understanding that teams are free to use or not use whatever custom electronics (within the scope of the VEXU rules of course) to solve the challenge as they see fit. This message seems to contradict that. can the GDC provide some clarification on this?

Answered by committee

VEX is offering an add-on kit ( for $1,499 USD that contains the additional electronics to equip two VAIRC robots. If you don't need everything in the kit, you can purchase the same or similar items individually from VEX and other sources.

This VEX Forum article provides more detailed product information:

VEX has also provided a set of articles to help you get started with the AI equipment.