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Regarding the valid triball



<SC7> An Autonomous Win Point is awarded to any Alliance that ends the Autonomous Period with the following tasks completed::

a. Removed the Triball from the Alliance’sMatch Load Zone that coincides with their Starting Tiles. For example, in Figure 21, the red Alliance must remove the Triball that begins in the bottom-left Match Load Zone, adjacent to Robot 1’s Starting Tiles.

I am confused about it. What if Robot 2 alone removes the triball that begins in the bottom-right Match Load Zone? Basically, the rule doesn't say in order to get the AWP for the Red alliance team, both robot should get individual triball or either one of them should get the corresponding triball, or only Robot 1 should get the ball? Thanks.


Answered by committee

As you quoted in your question, to earn the Autonomous Win Point (AWP) an Alliance must have "Removed the Triball from the Alliance’s Match Load Zone that coincides with their Starting Tiles," among other tasks. The Match Load Zone you refer to in your question (the bottom-right in the image) belongs to the opposing Alliance and is not relevant to completing the AWP tasks.