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Height Guide Measurement Doesn’t Match Game Manual


<SC6>One of my students made 3D printed elevation tier stands to slide under the bot if the bot is hugged on the horizontal bar for elevation to aide scorekeeper referees. When the 3D printed tool was done the tool was bigger than the pole measures. I measured all the height guide poles we have and they are all off by .1” (so A tier is actually 3.6” and not 3.7” as it should be per page A17 in the Game Manual). Only A tier is off which is therefore making all the other tiers .1” off. In the Game Manual page A17 shows all of the tier measurements. Is the game manual wrong? Or is was the Height Guide tool wrong?

Image - Height Guide Off Based on Measurements Image - Height Guide Spec Page A17

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Per rule <T10>,

Field Element tolerances and Triballs may vary from specified locations / dimensions; Teams are encouraged to design their Robots accordingly.