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"placing tribals onto/into robot"

chris kelly

<SG6> I recently attended a signature event and observed many teams were placing triballs into their front intake from in front of their robot. This action looked like the tribal was being pushed into the intake (usually spinning flex wheels). The tribals are being taken off the drive team member's hand by the spinning flexwheels but the triball is clearly being 'stuffed' upward into the intake to help the action. This went on for the entire event.

Is this method of "placing the Match Load gently into / onto a Robot from the Drive Team Member’s Alliance" legal?

Our State Championship is this weekend and I would like to have this clarified ASAP?

Thank You.

Answered by committee

Please see the following Q&As for our response to this and other recent questions about the legality of hypothetical match load devices & strategies.

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Rulings on the legality of specific edge cases, such as the ones you present, must be made by the Head Referee(s) for the Match based on their judgment and the larger context and guided by the Q&As we've linked above.