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Motors / 88 Watt Limit

Dan Cieslak

For purposes of the 88-watt power limit, can a team have 9 11-watt motors on their robot and leave one of the 9 unplugged? Perhaps for match-play they have motors 1-8 plugged in, but for skills they have motors 1-7 and 9 plugged in?


While the same effect could be achieved via "hot swapping", it may be more convenient to simply swap which motor is disconnected. In a strict reading of rule R12a:

The combined power of all motors (11W & 5.5W) must not exceed 88W.

Having 9 physical 11-watt motors on the robot, but only 8 physically capable of being powered for a given match or skills run would seem to satisfy this condition.

Thanks in advance!

Answered by committee

No, this would not be permitted. To avoid confusion during inspection and/or during Matches, the 88W limit refers to all motors found on a Robot, even those which are not connected to a Robot Brain.