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Regarding G1 and Calling out of Penalties


I am wondering if a team respectfully calling out a penalty that is not being called by the refs is a violation of G1. What is the preferred method of letting a ref know that a team is committing a penalty?<G1>

Answered by committee

Respectfully advocating for your Team and Alliance is not an inherent Violation of rule <G1>.

Although every head-to-head Match is watched by at least one Head Referee, the number of Robots and the size of the field lead to cases in which a Head Referee is unaware of an ongoing Violation or Holding interaction. As described in rule <T1>, a Head Referee will make their calls based solely on what they (and their Scorekeeper Referees) observed during the Match.

Per rule <T3>, "Communication and conflict resolution skills are an important life skill for Students to practice and learn." In a case where a Drive Team Member feels the need to call the Head Referee's attention to specific actions on the field, they should ensure that all communications remain professional and respectful in accordance with the REC Foundation Code of Conduct and rule <G1>.