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Skills Field and Appendix A Questions



In Appendix B of the game manual, where it shows the skills field, it says:

The pre-match placement of the twelve (12) Triballs on the [skills] field will be in non-scored positions as shown [in the first attached image]

This is reflected on page A8 of the game manual, which is the second attached image. However, on page A20, it shows the skills field as having 3 of the triballs in the Red Offensive Zone, where they would be scored. This is shown in the 3rd image. So, should the skills field be the one used: the one with triballs in the Red Offensive Zone, or the one without triballs in the Red Offensive Zone?

Also, I found some possible errors in Appendix A: On page A15, it shows the elevation bars as having 2 triballs under them when there should be one or none. This is the fourth image. On page A16, it shows 7 triballs in front of the Match Load Zone, which might make it hard to tell what is 30 inches long. This is the fifth image. img img img img img

Answered by committee

Page A20 should reflect the skills layout that is shown on page A8, and will be corrected in an upcoming game manual update.

The other images in Appendix A you've referenced show specifications and relative sizes of objects and elements on the field, and are not intended for use in field setup.