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<SG6><S1> Guidelines on safety when introducing Match Loads onto a Robot

Dale Nacianceno

<SG6> Match Load Triballs may be safely introduced during the Match under certain conditions.


  1. By placing the Match Load gently onto a Robot from the Drive Team Member’s Alliance.

<S1> Be safe out there. If at any time the Robot operation or Team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged a Field Element or Triball, the offending Team may receive a Disablement and/or Disqualification at the discretion of the Head Referee.

  1. Can a Match Load be placed gently onto a moving flywheel?
  2. Can a Match Load be placed gently onto a Robot if the Robot's mobile robotic base is moving?
  3. Can a Match Load be placed gently onto a Robot if a mechanism is moving, but it isn't close to where the Match Load is being placed (eg. roller intake)?
Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. It is impossible to issue a blanket answer beyond what is written in the Game Manual that encompasses all possible hypothetical scenarios. However, because the rules for Match Load entry do not specify other actions the Robot can or cannot make during Match Load entry, these scenarios could be legal if they don't break other rules.

See related Q&A #1524 for additional information about Match Load entry, as well as Q&A #1553 for additional information regarding Match Load safety.