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<T7><SG2> Can a Match Replay occur from an incorrect Head Referee call regarding size limits?

Dale Nacianceno

<SG2> Horizontal expansion is limited. Once the Match begins, Robots may expand, but no horizontal dimension may exceed 36” (914.4 mm) at any point during the Match. a. This limit refers to “horizontal” expansion relative to the playing field (i.e., it does not “rotate with the Robot”). For example, Robots which tip over during a Match or change orientation while Elevating are still subject to a 36” horizontal limit.

<T7> Match replays are allowed, but rare. Match replays (i.e., playing a Match over again from its start) must be agreed upon by both the Event Partner and Head Referee, and will only be issued in the most extreme circumstances. Some example situations that may warrant a Match replay are as follows:


c. Match Affecting game rule issues.

  • i. Head Referee disables a Robot for a misinterpretation of a rule Violation.
  • ii. Head Referee starts the Driver Controlled Period of the Match without determining the outcome of the Autonomous Period winner.
  • iii. The field is reset before a score is determined.


In a Head-to-Head Match, the Head Referee informs a Team that they are breaking the horizontal expansion limit. They attempt to get back in size for a significant duration of the Match. The Team loses the Match. After the Match ends, the Head Referee realizes that the Team never broke the horizontal expansion limit, and he was incorrect to warn the Team. The Head Referee and Event Partner feel that if he did not make this warning, the Team would have likely won this Match.

Should this Match be replayed as per <T7c>?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. Replays are never guaranteed, and are always awarded at the discretion of the Event Partner and the Head Referee based on the specific Match and its context within the event. The list of examples provided in rule <T7> is not exhaustive, and the scenario you describe could warrant a replay if deemed appropriate by both the Head Referee and the Event Partner.