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<T17> Reporting in Late to Alliance Selection

Dale Nacianceno

<T17> Send a Student representative to Alliance Selection. Each Team must send one (1) Student representative to the playing field (or other designated area) to participate in Alliance Selection. If the Team Representative fails to report in for Alliance Selection, their Team will be ineligible for participation in the Alliance Selection process.


A Team is selected during Alliance Selection, but they fail to respond as they do not have a Student representative in the correct designated area. After a couple more selections take place, a Student representative for the Team shows up at the correct designated area.

  1. Can the Team participate in the rest of Alliance Selection?
  2. If the answer to #1 is yes, are they eligible to be selected by another Team?
Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! The Event Partner should make a reasonable attempt to have a representative from each Alliance present before beginning Alliance Selection. If a Team is significantly delaying the event by not being present for Alliance Selection, the Event Partner should determine the Team's competition eligibility under rules <T4> and <T17>.

As described in rule <T17>, if a team does not have a representative present they are ineligible to participate in Alliance Selection, either as an Alliance Captain or an Alliance member. The team should be removed from the list of teams available for Alliance Selection in Tournament Manager before Alliance Selection begins.

If a Team's representative is present at the beginning of Alliance Selection, but is not present to accept or decline an Alliance invitation, that invitation will automatically be declined and the Team will become ineligible to join or form an Alliance for Elimination Matches.

As always, any case-by-case decisions regarding tournament structure that are not covered by the Game Manual should be made in coordination with your Event Engagement Manager (US) or Regional Support Manager (international).