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<SG1>Does the triball in the beginning of the match in the matchloader always have to be placed in the same spot or can it be moved around anywhere in the match loading zone?

Answered by committee

Update: This answer has been updated to reflect changes and additions made in the June 27th game manual update.

The note following rule <SG1> now permits Teams to reposition the Triballs that start in the Match Load Zone.

Note: The Triballs which start in each Match Load Zone must be contacting the Match Load Zone at the start of the Match. However, they may be repositioned during pre-Match setup by the Team whose Robot is using the Starting Tiles adjacent to that Match Load Zone. For example, in Figure 26, Red Robot 1 would be permitted to reposition the Triball in the lower-left red Match Load Zone.

In Robot Skills Matches, Teams may adjust the starting positions of all Triballs that start in Match Load Zones as described in clause E of <RSC2>.