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Wedges, G13, 14, SG4, and SG5


Q and A 1119 states that the sizing box does not rotate with the robot.

Q and A 1206 states that rotating you bot out of size could result in either an SG4 and/or SG5 violation.

G13 states

Offensive Robots get the “benefit of the doubt.” In a case where Head Referees are forced to make a judgment call regarding a destructive interaction between a defensive and an offensive Robot, or an interaction which results in a questionable Violation, referees will err on the side of the offensive Robot (i.e., the Robot that is actively attempting to score points).

G14 states

Intentional strategies that cause an opponent to break a rule are not permitted, and will not result in a Violation for the opposing Alliance. Violation Notes: In most cases, if a Team causes their opponent to break a rule, the Head Referee will simply not enforce the penalty on that opponent, and it will be considered a Minor Violation for the guilty Team. However, if the forced situation becomes Match Affecting in favor of the guilty Team, it will be considered a Major Violation.

SG4 states

Robots may not expand beyond a horizontal area of 18” x 18” at any point during the Match prior to the Endgame.

SG5 states

Vertical expansion is limited. Robots may expand vertically within the following conditions: a. The Robot must not be contacting the gray field tiles in either Low Goal. b. No part of the Robot may exceed an overall height of 24”. This height limit is a “virtual ceiling,” meaning that no part of any Robot may ever exceed 24” above the foam tiles, regardless of Robot orientation. c. Any extensions or combinations of extensions above 18” must fit within a vertical cylinder 2” in diameter. d. There are no vertical expansion limits during the Endgame. e. Robots may not contact the High Goal, Discs which are Scored in the High Goal, or the hori- zontal supporting structures directly underneath the High Goal. This rule applies at all times, regardless of Alliance / High Goal color.

Scenario 1: While a blue robot is attempting to score, a red robot uses a wedge to immobilize the blue robot. The act of rotating the blue robot causes the blue robot to be longer than 18 inches and taller than 18 inches. The red robot backs off after 4 seconds to avoid trapping, then repeats the action again after waiting 4 seconds. This continues through the remained of the match severely limiting blue's offensive capability. Red wins by a small margin. Could this be considered a match affecting G14 violation as blue should receive the benefit of the doubt?

Scenario 2: Everything plays out the exact same as scenario 1 except that the blue robot's drive team members make it clear that the red robot is forcing them out of size. This know makes the G14 violation intentional. Does this change the ruling?

Scenario 3: Everything plays out the exact same as scenario 2; however, the red robot causes the blue robot to touch the high goal support at multiple times during the match. Does this change anything as this risks damage to the field elements?

Thank you in advance.

Answered by committee

As stated in the Violation Notes for rule <G14>, "In most cases, if a Team causes their opponent to break a rule, the Head Referee will simply not enforce the penalty on that opponent..." There is nothing Match Affecting about repeatedly being tipped out of size by a small amount, and in general this should not even result in a Minor Violation for the Robot that is tipped out of size.