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Portable field-T21 considerations


<T21>Our organization used portable fields at all our events this season, culminating with the Michigan MS State Championship. To provide better durability of the field sections during transport and storage (we transport and store the fields in 12' sections), several modifications were made, which we believe fall within the allowances of T21 (that is, the same modifications were incorporated onto all fields); however, the example are declared to be a non-exhaustive list. Please clarify if the following modifications would be acceptable under rule T21 (and Appendix A). For additional pictures/references, please see this white paper:

  1. Additional screws and nuts, installed into every "nut pocket" provided on the connector pieces, which greatly enhances the rigidity of the field walls when moved about in 12' sections.
  2. A 12' strip of reinforcing gaffer's tape along the bottom of each wall section, placed such that the tape is not visible when the field is in use.
  3. A 12' strip of gaffer's tape (could be various colors to allow color-coding of each field) along the upper rail on the outside vertical surface. The location would not be visible inside the field perimeter, but rather would be similar to applying sponsor decals and/or banners to the outsides of the perimeters.
  4. Mechanically attaching the field perimeter to field risers using a clamp installed through the "strap slots" in the lower center side rails. The clamp keeps the fields from creeping off the risers during competition. Web straps are no longer needed, but could be put back in place if necessary to meet the requirements of Appendix A; however the straps become "decorative" when the field is clamped to the risers. <T21>

While these questions are obviously being asked after the fact, clarification of these points will be helpful in future interpretation of T21 and are of interest to other EP's who have seen our white paper and are considering the use of portafields.

Answered by committee

These modifications do not affect gameplay, and would be permissible under rule <T24> if applied to all Fields of that type in compliance with rule <T21>.