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<R2>My daughters team are in Yr9 (English school). They going to UK VIQC Nationals. there worried that they wont be able to compete next year. I've said they should move up to VRC, they entered last year. My daughters birthday is 23rd September 2008 (09.23.2008 for you USA types). she will be 15 and next years worlds. can she compete? Also, can you change the wording for this rule to age specific VIQC open to 7 yrs to 11 yrs Elementary and 11 yrs to 14 Middle School.

Answered by committee

The Q&A platform is intended to be a communication channel for questions such as "is this interpretation of a rule legal?" not a discussion forum to post questions such as "I disagree with this rule, can it be changed?"

The definition of Student in Section 2 of the Spin Up Game Manual outlines the age requirements for participation in VRC, based on the Student's birth date and age at the time of the VEX World Championship. If a Student meets this criteria, they are eligible to compete.

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