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Endgame deployed outside the field or entangled in the net

Mike Wilson (Event Partner)

In match play when a robot is entangled with the net they are disabled but still scores covered tiles if applicable. Would mean in skills if the endgame gets entangled in the net without contacting the outside of the field perimeter the tiles covered would score?

In skills if the end game contacts anything outside the field perimeter the run is scored as a zero since there is no way to mark DQ for skills (based on a previous Q&A response). Would the outside of the net be considered outside the field? For example, an endgame deploys through the net by 2 feet and then hangs down but never contacts the outside of the walls, floor, or person this would only count as a disable and still score or DQ under S2 since the object could have hit someone.

Answered by committee

We believe your question has been addressed in the response to Q&A 1307. If you still have question after reviewing that response, feel free to clarify and resubmit your question.