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Vexnet tower replacements for portable fields using smart field control

Mike Wilson (Event Partner)


I am an EP and recently switched over to using the smart field control with portable fields. I am loving it so far except for the trip hazard/breakage due to the cable just being on the floor. I came across the forum post linked below and I was curious if any of these solutions would be legal. The one I like the most is the 3D printed mount to the field but I was not sure because it goes on the top surface of the field although the original tower goes on the top and into the field of play. Can you please advise if the tower clamped on or if the tower in the old game elements would be legal to use? If neither is legal what is the solution? I do not feel T21, T22, T23, T24 do not address this specifically. Thanks



Answered by committee

Provided these towers are freestanding or connect to the Field Perimeter in a way similar to the VEXnet driver-control posts (with minimal intrusion into the field and limited affect on game play), they would be legal for use at VRC and VEX U events.

If this modification is used, it must be applied to all Fields in the same set at an event (i.e., all Head-to-Head Fields and/or all Skills Fields), per rule <T21>.