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Causing Opponent Disqualification in End Game as a Strategy

Josh Tremblay (Event Partner)

In endgame. Robot 1 shoots a string shooter in an attempt to touch tiles. Robot 2 deploys a large screen attached to it. The string from Robot 1 bounces off the large section screen deployed by Robot 2. The end of the string lands outside of the field. The string is laying on both a tile and also out of the field. Is Robot 1 disqualified?

The manual says G14 doesn’t apply for S2. It seems that there is a legal game strategy to force a penalty in endgame to make your opponent shoot out of the field and become disqualified.

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! As described in rule <S2>, Teams are responsible for the actions of their Robots at all times. Each Team must decide whether or not to deploy an expansion based on their current surroundings, and is responsible for any outcome of that action. Contacting anything outside the Field will earn a Major <S2> Violation for the Team whose Robot leaves the Field; per the 3rd paragraph of <S2>, rule <G1> may still apply to these interactions at the Head Referee's discretion.