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Legality of Field parts on robots


I have noticed in recent tournaments that some teams appear to have been using parts that originate from VRC field kits. I understand that polycarbonate can be legal assuming that it fits within the sizing restrictions but our question specifically centers around Nuts. Rule R11 gives a detailed explanation of legal fasteners for robots as listed which seems pretty straightforward.


Ive noticed that some teams may be using larger nuts as part of their endgame expansion projectiles that look like they could be the 1/4" lock nuts used in the VRC field perimeter. What i would like to clarify is whether these nuts are competition legal. the vex website lists the field perimeter as being VRC Legal under the V5 platform; however, i am unsure if this might fall into the bounds of the red box in rule R6 as listed below due to being "competiton support materials".


Clarification would be appreciated, thank you!

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! 1/4" nuts, whether from the VRC field perimeter or any other source, are not legal for use on VRC Robots.

As you noted, 1/4" screws and nuts are not included in the list of legal commercially-available fasteners in rule <R11>, and the use of competition support materials is prohibited by the red box following rule <R6>.