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Legal string being modified after purchase.

Margaret Trent (Event Partner)

Rule R7 reads

An unlimited amount of rope / string, with a thickness / diameter between 1/8” (3.175mm) and 1/4”(6.35mm).

Rule R11 reads

All specific dimensions listed in this rule are intended to be ‘nominal’ references

Rule R22 reads

Physical modifications, such as bending or cutting, of legal metal structure or plastic components are permitted. d. Fusing / melting the end of legal nylon rope / string (see <R7e>) to prevent fraying is permitted.


At the last event my teams attended I noticed some teams have purchased 1/8" paracord and pulled the internal stings out of the paracord essentially changing the diameter of the cord. As rule R11 states that specific dimensions are intended to be nominal references, does this modification fit Rule 22 as a physical modification making it permissible or is the modification an violation of rule R7 as the diameter no longer meets the required minimum diameter?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. Provided the actual string used on the Robot—whether it is a 1/8" strand of a larger string/cord/rope or the "stringlike" outer casing of a cord—has a diameter of at least 1/8"/3mm when measured at its narrowest point and a diameter of no more than 1/4" at its widest point, this modification to string is permissible.