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Clarification on <S7>


We have several questions regarding <SG7>, which limits possession of discs during the match.

  1. If a robot clearly possesses three discs already (e.g has three in its shooting mechanism) then drives into a pile of discs, resulting in the discs being moved, would the robot be in violation of <SG7>? If so, what would the penalty be? If the violation is not match affecting, and the robot backs out of the pile, what would the penalty be?

  2. What would be classified as possession of a disc? Under the definition for Possession, the game manual states that "pushing/plowing is not considered possession", what would be considered pushing/plowing, and what would be considered "using concave portions of a robot to control the movement of discs?

  3. If there is a violation of <SG7>, what would the appropriate penalty be? Should there be an immediate disqualification, or should the head referee judge whether the violation was a. intentional and b. match affecting? In several matches, teams were disqualified for driving into discs, and there were no warnings given before the disqualification. In one instance, in a semifinals match, a team was disqualified for driving into a pile of discs when defending a roller. Is this a reasonable penalty for a violation that had no effect on the scoring of the match?

  4. In the context of <SG7>, what would an "egregrious violation" be? As an example, would driving into a pile of discs be considered a violation?

Thank you.

Answered by committee

Thank you for your questions! We believe that #s 1 & 2 are answered in Q&A 1239. If you do not feel that the response to that Q&A fully addresses your questions, please rephrase and resubmit.

  1. If there is a violation of <SG7>, what would the appropriate penalty be?

As described in rule <SG7>, and clarified in the November 1 Game Manual update, "Robots in Violation of this rule must immediately stop all Robot actions except for attempting to remove the excess Disc(s). A Robot that is in Violation of rule <SG7> and cannot rectify the Violation cannot participate in further gameplay and will not receive points for tiles Covered in the Endgame."

The Violation Notes and red box for rule <SG7> further describe situations that can or will lead to Major Violations and Disqualifications. Generally speaking, if a Team hasn't intentionlly possessed the extra Disc(s), stops all other game actions, attempts to rectify the Violation, and does not win the Match, this should be a Minor Violation. If it's a repeated Violation, it should become a Major Violation and Disqualification.

  1. In the context of <SG7>, what would an "egregrious violation" be?

As described in Q&A 1231, the definition of an "egregious amount of Discs" can vary widely by the context of the specific Match and we cannot provide a definitive answer.