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Do Preload Discs have to be touching Robot?

Eric Schnurr


SG2 doesn't specifiy anywhere that the preload discs have to be touching exactly one robot, just that a preload disc cannot be touching more than one robot. Can a preload disc be placed on the tile outside a low goal not touching a robot? If not can the wording of a) be changed to be more clear of the intent?

<SG2> Robots get two Preloads. Prior to the start of each Match, each Preload must be placed such that it is: a. Contacting no more than one Robot. b. Fully within the field perimeter. c. Not in any position that would be considered Scored (such as Disc I in Figure 15). If a Team does not wish to use one or more of their Preloads, or if a Robot is not present for their Match, then the Preloads may be used as Match Load Discs in accordance with <SG6>

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Answered by committee

The first bullet of this answer has been updated for accuracy.

Thank you for your question! Spin Up Preloads do not have to be placed in contact with a Robot. The November 1 Game Manual update clarified that Preloads, like Robots, must be:

  • Within the vertical projection of at least one (1) of the gray foam field tiles adjacent to the field perimeter that are between a pair of Starting Lines on their Alliance’s side of the Autonomous Line. See Figure 19.
  • Not contacting any other gray foam field tiles.
  • Not contacting any Discs other than the Preloads.