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Pneumatics without tanks


We have teams that are wondering if we can put air pressure directly into the hose of the system and avoid the use for tanks. Since we are just using one shot of the pneumatics this seems like a good way to avoid unnecessary parts on the robot.

Based off the red box it seems to be worded to avoid more than two tanks not to avoid the use of tanks.

Thank You

Answered by committee

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, specifically point 3, "Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question".

Rule R17's "red box" reads as follows, with a portion bolded for emphasis:

The intent of this rule is to limit Robots to the air pressure stored in two reservoir tanks, as well as the normal working air pressure contained in their pneumatic cylinders and tubing on the Robot. Teams may not use other elements for the purposes of storing or generating air pressure. Using cylinders or additional pneumatic tubing solely for additional storage is in Violation of the spirit of this rule.

No, this would not be legal.