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SC3 & RSC3 - Low Goals and discs on different colored robots

Eric Schnurr (Event Partner)


I'd like to get clarification on a potential scoring situation related to a robot in possession of a disc that ends a match inside a low goal for skills.

Rule SC3 states the following with item a. included:

<SC3> A Disc is considered Scored in the Low Goal for the Alliance corresponding to the color of the adjacent Barrier if it meets the following criteria:

a. Not fully supported by a Robot of the same color Alliance as the Low Goal.

This implies that if the robot in figure 15 was Red instead of blue that disc H would count as scored for 1 point.

Rule RSC3 states the following:

<RSC3> In Robot Skills Matches, Teams play as if they are on a “neutral” Alliance. Robots may freely move about the field, utilize any Loader, score in any Goal, and manipulate any Roller.

And the Robot Skills Challenge Scoring states:

A Team’s score at the end of a Robot Skills Match is calculated by combining the scores that would have been awarded to the red and blue Alliances. For example, all Discs that end the Match in either High Goal are worth 5 points each, regardless of which side of the Field the Robot starts on.

If a Robot on a skills run ends a match in a low goal while holding a disc as shown in figure 15 H, how is it scored?
It seems like the skills robot being neutral (per RSC3) makes it a different color than the color of the low goal (per SC3), so the disc should be scored, whichever low goal the robot is in.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Answered by committee

The final paragraph of this answer has been revised for clarity and accuracy.

This has been addressed in the October 4, 2022 Game Manual Update.

High and Low Goals should both be considered on the same "neutral" Alliance as the Robot in question. The only scoring locations that are color-specific are the Rollers, as noted in RSC5.

Therefore, a Robot in either Low Goal is considered "in the same color Alliance as the Low Goal", and any Discs they are fully supporting should not be considered Scored.