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Parts Shortage: 3D Print Parts from VEX CAD Files?


We understand that 3D printed parts are not usually allowed in VRC competition, but our team is needing some 1/2” Hex Bore Plastic VersaHubs (V2) and we are unable to order them because they are out of stock. We called VEX and they informed us that these parts won't be back in stock until late August, which is after the Mall of America tournament. I know this has also been a recurring problem with many other parts required for a quality robot build.

Is it permissible to 3D print parts using the CAD files from the vex website to compensate for a parts shortage until parts are accessible again? This would mean that they would be identical to VEX parts, having no differing effect in gameplay.

Thanks in advance!

Answered by committee

No, this would not be permitted. 3D printed parts are not permitted in the VEX Robotics Competition in any way, except for License Plates (per R7) and as non-functional decorations (per R12).