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High Goal Chain Modification


The chains on the high goal easily come off when discs are shot into the goal. With just with a few shots, multiple chains can come off. Today, with one disc, two chains came unhooked from the top of the goal. This will greatly compromise robotics teams' ability to shoot discs into the high goal during a match. I imagine that several chains toward the back of the high goal will come off by the end of a match. Will VEX or the REC Foundation offer a solution to this problem before official tournaments begin (i.e. zip-tying them to the top of the goal)? Thank you.

Answered by committee

Yes, using small zip-ties around the hooks where the chains attach to the High Goal is permissible, provided that the modification does not impact gameplay. Further documentation / explanation will be provided in an upcoming Game Manual update, and this post will be updated as well once it is available.