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Transparent panels in portable field perimeter

John Holbrook (Event Partner)

<T21> Fields at an event must be consistent with each other. There are many types of permissible aesthetic and / or logistical modifications that may be made to competition fields at the Event Partner’s discretion. [...] Examples of these modifications may include, but are not limited to:

  • Elevating the playing field off of the floor (common heights are 12” to 24” [30.5cm to 61cm])
  • Field control systems (see <T22>)
  • Field display monitors
  • Field perimeter decorations (e.g., LED lights, sponsor decals on polycarbonate panels)
  • Field perimeter type (see <T23>)
  • Utilizing the VEX GPS Field Code Strips

We would like to replace the opaque panels included with the portable competition field perimeter with clear polycarbonate to improve audience and referee visibility.

Would this be considered a permissible aesthetic modification under T21, provided that all fields used for head-to-head matches would be portable fields with clear polycarbonate panels?

Answered by committee

As described in the August 2 Game Manual update to rule <T24>, replacing the opaque field walls on the VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter with transparent panels is not a permissible modification and is not allowed.