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<G15> Initiating a trap in the last 15 seconds


Hello, In the game manual rule G15 states:

<G15> No Trapping for more than 5 seconds. A Robot may not Trap an opposing Robot for more than five seconds (0:05) during the Driver Controlled Period. Note: There is no penalty for Trapping during the Endgame

Based off the wording of these rules trapping is not penalized in the endgame, does this include traps initiated before the endgame e.g a trap initiating at the final 15 seconds and persisting to the end of the match resulting in a 5 second non-endgame trap and a 10 second non penalised trap. This is not violating the 5 second limit outside of the endgame and not being penalized during endgame based off the note leading to my interpretation that this is legal.

Is this a correct interpretation or should the lack of a penalty for trapping in the endgame only apply to traps initiated in the endgame such as a trap caused incidentally by the expansion of another robot

Additionally if 15 seconds is deemed illegal how would 14 seconds and then down to 11 seconds be ruled

Thanks - Jacob

Answered by committee

This question will be clarified in the June 28 Game Manual update. If it is still unclear after that release, please feel free to rephrase and re-submit at that time.