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Webcasts: VURC

The webcast links posted here are the responsibility of the individual Event Partner hosting the event. Any questions or concerns should be brought up to the Event Partner.
Veranstaltung Start Date End Date Webcast
2024 University of Kansas LEEP Higher VURC; Lawrence, KS (RE-VURC-24-5797) 23-Nov-2024 23-Nov-2024
The RiverBots III VEX U Robotics Competition Signature Event (RE-VURC-24-5649) 13-Dec-2024 14-Dec-2024
Framingham VURC High Stakes Tournament (RE-VURC-24-5820) 1-Feb-2025 1-Feb-2025
Mecha Mayhem VEX U Robotics Competition Signature Event (RE-VURC-24-5506) 7-Feb-2025 9-Feb-2025
NUKEtown 2024 VEXU Qualifier (RE-VEXU-23-3793) 14-Jan-2024 14-Jan-2024
Queen's Robotics Cup (RE-VEXU-23-2379) 20-Jan-2024 20-Jan-2024
Illini Cornfield Clash - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (RE-VEXU-23-4659) 10-Feb-2024 10-Feb-2024
2024 West Virginia VEX U Qualifier (RE-VEXU-23-2417) 16-Feb-2024 16-Feb-2024
Purdue SIGBots Slam and Jam VexU Qualifier; West Lafayette, IN (RE-VEXU-23-4090) 24-Feb-2024 24-Feb-2024
Texas VEXU Tournament (RE-VEXU-23-4566) 23-Feb-2024 24-Feb-2024
SCTCC VEX U Regional Qualifying Tournament in Minnesota (RE-VEXU-23-3103) 2-Mar-2024 2-Mar-2024
Gear Slingers x CPSWE Open 2024 (RE-VEXU-23-4653) 2-Mar-2024 2-Mar-2024
CANCELLED-VEX U 2024 Scrimmage University of Kansas LEEP on over (RE-VEXU-23-5189) 30-Mar-2024 30-Mar-2024