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Official Q&A: VRC 2023-2024: Over Under

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Welcome to the official VEX Robotics Competition Question & Answer system, where all registered teams have the opportunity to ask for official rules interpretations and clarifications. This Q&A system is the only source for official VRC Over Under rules clarifications, and the clarifications made here from the Game Design Committee (GDC) are considered as official and binding as the written Game Manual itself.

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting. This system is only intended for specific VRC Over Under rules questions.

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Follow up: Proper Action if Net Clamp comes loose?

Nevin Li (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer T7  

Determining Match Affecting SG11 violations

Matthew Maylin
New Question New Answer SG11  

Entering Opponents Goal

New Question New Answer SG8  

Member of multiple teams? - for match loading

Jeff Stephens (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer G4  

Do license plates need to be on opposing sides?

Tim Hower
New Question New Answer R9  

Robot elevation status when fully supported by a triball

Garrett Schnack (Event Partner)
New Question New Answer SC6  

Legality of introducing triballs to gameplay through alternate match load methods

New Question New Answer SG6  

<G7> Clamping to the barriers

Matthew Maylin
New Question New Answer G7  

SG 11 Offended bot eventually hangs but isn’t the highest …

Drew Marston
New Question New Answer SG11  

SG6 - Seeking clarification of match loads "onto/against" slopped surfaces

Aiden McNamee
New Question New Answer SG6