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SG6 - Seeking clarification of match loads "onto/against" slopped surfaces

Aiden McNamee

Tri-Valley Tournament #1 Finals 1-1 - YouTube Video


Hello! I believe this question may have already been answered, but I am hoping to confirm my understanding, and clarify a test to verify this moving forward. Please see the above video, which should start at 0:52. Please reference the Blue Alliance robot in the top right, 3134G.

As seen in the video, this robot expands vertically to form a diagonal slide for match loads (and here stems the question).

Seeking your input onto the following:

1. In my opinion, referencing QA-1524, it does not appear the Triballs being match loaded could "remain supported by" a robot with a diagonal piece of polycarbonate. Seeing as this is a Final's match from a tournament, one would assume they were inspected and passed? Can you please clarify if this is considered "on top of" or "against", and a definite check against this? (E.g., would a valid check be if a Triball is placed against said mechanism, and fall via gravity, be considered illegal?)

2. Between 1:19-1:20 of the video, the last of 4 Triballs are "match loaded" with quite a bit of force put into it. Referencing QA-1589, would it be safe to say this would not fall under the category of "gently" if the Triballs are propelled with some energy onto the robot, and thereafter onto the field?

I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time!

Answered by committee

Please see Q&A 1778 for our response to this and other recent questions about the legality of hypothetical match load devices & strategies.