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Legacy Pneumatic Parts



Our teams will use the legacy pneumatic parts. One of the SMC parts has been replaced with a newer version. The part is on/off switch (hand/finger valve) is part number VHK3-04F-04F. The newer version works the same way except that is goes directly into the reservoir Here's the link to SMC, May we use the newer version with identical part number, VHK3-04F-04F?

Answered by committee

Per the Legal Pneumatics article in the VEX Library, which is linked in rule <R7>, VHK3A-04F-04F is a legal part for use.

The photo shown on the linked page is not VHK3A-04F-04F, as noted by the caption, "Series image - for reference only".

This goes a bit beyond the scope of VEX rules, but if you're curious... by clicking "Series Catalog" to the right of that page, you will be directed to this PDF, which outlines SMC's part numbering scheme. The part in the photo appears to be something like VHK3A-01S-04F or VHK3A-02S-04F, which are not listed on the Legal Pneumatics list, and would therefore not be legal.