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Official Q&A: VRC 2023-2024: Over Under

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<G16> Trapping in Over Under


Hello referees of the VRC community! We have a few questions regarding trapping.

Scenario 1: For the first question, according to <G16> it defines the trapping rules. However, if one robot (blue alliance) is match loading and an opposing robot (red alliance) comes and traps/defends them but the blue robot continues match loading and does not attempt to free themselves. Does this count as trapping or not?

Scenario 2: For the second question, If two opposing robots are running into each other with triballs in between them and both robots end up not moving at all, does this count as trapping for either alliance? Please refer to the video below. Thank you for your time!


Answered by committee

The definitions of Holding and its subsets--Trapping, Pinning, and Lifting--clearly describe the situations in which Teams should be penalized under rule <G16>:

Holding - A Robot status. A Robot is considered to be Holding if it meets any of the following criteria during a Match:

  • Trapping - Limiting the movement of an opponent Robot to a small or confined area of the field, approximately the size of one foam field tile or less, without an avenue for escape. Note that if a Robot is not attempting to escape, it is not considered Trapped.
  • Pinning - Preventing the movement of an opponent Robot through contact with the Field Perimeter, a Field or Game Element, or another Robot.
  • Lifting - Controlling an opponent’s movements by raising or tilting the opponent’s Robot off of the foam tiles.

Because the blue Robot in Scenario 1 is making no attempt to free themselves, they are not being Trapped.

Neither Robot in the video you provided with Scenario 2 meets the definition of Holding or its subsets. Both Robots have avenues of escape, their movement is not prevented (either Robot can back up), and neither is raising or tilted the other off of the foam tiles to control movement.