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Modification to Game Field



Q: Over the course of practice and a one day of tournament, our game elements are moving and ripping our field tiles. As teams play, they hit the pipes and it is causing rips when the single standoff slides as the large pipes that create the barrier are hit. Is it okay for us to add additional standoffs along the pipe axis (Under the pipes only) to reduce stress on that portion of the field tile? These standoffs should not cause any extra issues with driving over the bumps, It will only stop movement of the pipes from center.

Answered by committee

The October 3rd Game Manual update included additions to Appendix A to help with field durability, including this example.

As noted in rule <T11>, minor field modifications or repairs are permitted provided that they do not impact gameplay.

Generally speaking, efforts taken underneath the field tiles to better secure the Barrier (that do not involve changing its shape or material) are going to be permissible.