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SG11-Elevation is protected.

俞瑾 陳


When the red robot was on its way to climb (before it touched the Elevation Bars), it was pushed away and stopped by the blue robot. Does this count as a violation of SG11 for the blue robot? Or, is it only a violation of SG11 if the Blue Robot comes into contact with Elevation Bars, Robots or The Short Barriers under the circumstances described in SG11?

Answered by committee

Because the red Robot in your scenario is not contacting their Elevation Bars and does not meet the definition of Elevated, the blue Robot is allowed to contact them during the last 30 seconds of the Match. Rule <SG11> is provided here for reference:

Elevation is protected. During the last 30 seconds of the Match, Robots may not contact the following:

  • a. The opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bars
  • b. Opponent Robots who are contacting their Elevation Bars
  • c. Opponent Robots who meet the definition of Elevated
  • d. The Short Barriers adjacent to the opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bars.