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SG9 Clarification

Adam Draa (Event Partner)


I need clarification on SG9. Could Red1 legally move along the field wall and cross under the red elevation bar into the red offensive zone during the autonomous period?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. Rule <SG9> effectively divides the field into four distinct quadrants based on the Robots' starting tiles as shown in Figure 26. Each quadrant includes a corner of the field, and is bordered on its other two sides by the double white Autonomous Line (which separates the field into a "side" for each Alliance) and the Barrier (which divides the field into two Offensive Zones as illustrated in Figure 20). Per rule <SG9>,

During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Neutral Zone, or in the opposite Offensive Zone from which they began the Match.

If we assume the Robot in your question (Red1) begins the Match in the starting position labeled as "Red Starting Tiles (Robot 1)" in Figure 26, that Robot may not contact the foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements in the quadrants where Red2, Blue1, and Blue2 begin the Match. If Red1 drives under the red Elevation Bar and contacts the foam tiles in the other Offensive Zone, they are in violation of rule <SG9>, the Autonomous Bonus will be awarded to the blue Alliance (assuming the blue Alliance hasn't also violated this rule), and the Team will receive a Minor or Major Violation based on the Head Referee's judgment.