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Swapping perimeter wall lexan side panels

Cody Clay (Event Partner)

Is it allowable for EPs to switch out the portable opaque lexan plastic side panels for the clear/transparent ones from the other metal field perimeter kit when using the portable field perimeter kits in competition?

There are two types of Field Perimeter that may be used:

  1. VEX Metal Competition Field Perimeter (SKU 278-1501)
  2. VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter (SKU 276-8242
Answered by committee

Replacing the opaque plastic side panels on the portable VRC field perimeter with clear/transparent versions is listed as a prohibited modification in rule <T11> (bolded for emphasis):

Examples of prohibited modifications include, but are not limited to:

• Unofficial field perimeter walls, additional structural elements inside of the field perimeter, or unofficial/replica Field Elements

• Additional VEX structural parts attached to a Field Element

• An unofficial replacement net

Replacing the opaque field walls on the VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter with transparent panels

• Using PVC pipe of a different size or thickness to replace a damaged section of the Goal