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Rule R14 & "Hot Swap" motors



Rule R14.c.ii stipulates that "Removing or replacing the screws from the V5 Smart Motor Cap" is legal.

Is this action limited to doing so for the stated purposes of:

1 - Removing or replacing the V5 Smart Motor cartridge, &/or 2 - Removing or replacing the Threaded Mounting Inserts?

Can the motor screws be removed and NOT replaced , and the motor mounted to the motor cap using rubber bands, zip ties, or some other attachment method that facilitates the "hot swapping" of motors?

Or is this considered an alteration from their original state and not part of the exceptions carved out to address the user serviceable features of the V5 smart motor?

Answered by committee

As you quoted from clause cii of rule <R14>, removing or replacing the screws from the V5 Smart Motor Cap is legal.

As stated on page 3 of the game manual,

Obviously, all Teams must adhere to these rules, and any stated intents of these rules. However, beyond that, there is no “right” way to play. There are no hidden restrictions, assumptions, or intended interpretations beyond what is written here.

There is no rule that requires that motor screws be replaced following removal, so the usage you've described is legal.