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Middle School Student Definition Clarification


<SC1> [Far] before the first rule, the Definition of High School Student and Middle School Student are presented. This has come up once, where you Team members were already in 8-12. But there's a different category not addressed. "Academically or Intelligently Gifted (AIG)" students (as early as 7th grade) take High School Math 1 and/or Math 2. They technically study in Middle School, but are taking the academic classes of a High School. Some of them have already completed summer camps for VRC, but by the current rules (it appears) they are precluded from participation in VRC. Are these classes (towards a High School diploma) sufficient to "play up" and register in VRC?

Answered by committee

As described in the definition of Student in Section 2 of the game manual, there is no minimum age requirement for participation on a VRC Team. Any student who was born after May 1, 2004, and who is earning high school credits or credits leading up to high school is eligible to compete on a VRC Team. Any VRC Team member who was born after May 1, 2008, is defined as a Middle School Student.

For more detailed clarifications regarding registration and eligibility, you can also always contact your REC Foundation Manager.