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R18 specification ( decorative plastic)


<R18><R18>The R18 rule says that a 12×24 plastic limit is tolerated. But the question we had was: does decorative such as huge decorative plastic panel on the side of the robot will be consider in the 12x24? or is it just a 12x24 fonctionnal plastic allowed?


Answered by committee

Rule <R18> limits the amount of plastic that can be used for functional components, and does not include plastic used as legal decoration. Teams should be prepared to provide a ‘map’ of their functional plastic that shows that it could have been cut from a single sheet. This article in the REC Library provides some additional guidance on how teams and inspectors should determine whether a specific plastic component is functional or decorative.

The following quote from rule <R8> should also be kept in mind:

"To be considered “non-functional,” any guards, decals, or other decorations must be backed by legal materials that provide the same functionality. For example, if a Robot has a giant decal that prevents Triballs from falling out of the Robot, the decal must be backed by VEX material that would also prevent the Triballs from falling out. A simple way to check this is to determine if removing the decoration would impact the performance of the Robot in any way."