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Match load placement/Match load bar/border

Margaret Trent (Event Partner)

Based on the definition of the Match Load Zone – The portion of the floor tile bordered by a Match Load Bar and an inside corner of the Field Perimeter.

Rule SG1 states Note: The Triballs which start in each Match Load Zone must be contacting the Match Load Zone at the start of the Match. However, they may be repositioned during pre-Match setup by the Team whose Robot is using the Starting Tiles adjacent to that Match Load Zone. For example, in Figure 26, Red Robot 1 would be permitted to reposition the Triball in the lower-left red Match Load Zone. Rule SG6 part 1 subpart b. states: 1.By placing the Match Load gently onto a Match Load Zone. b. Note that the Match Load Zone refers to the foam tile itself; it is not a three-dimensional volume. There is no rules-bound limit for how many Triballs may be in the Match Load Zone at any given time, provided that new Match Loads are placed directly onto the foam tile without violating any other rules.

My students wondered if they could place the triball so that one point is contacting foam tile while resting against the match load bar and still meet the requirements of an legally adjusted triball pre-match? Per the note of SG1 as the triball is contacting the gray foam tile. They feel it does meet the requirements of being in the match zone, but are concerned that the match load bar doesn't appear to be a portion of the match load zone in the game manual images thus preventing them students from making this adjustment pre-match. Can you clarify the legality of this adjustment or event placement for match loads during game play?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. The example you provided--and any other position that meets the requirement of the note in <SG1> (contacting the Match Load Zone)--is legal for a Triball that begins the Match within a Match Load Zone. Also see Q&A 1591 for a related question and response.