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<R20>(b) shoulder screw constraints


<R20> There were some very specific constraints put on shoulder screws that don't make sense. Current text says: Shoulder screws cannot have a shoulder length over 0.20” or a diameter over 0.176”. What was the logic in constraining shoulder screws?? The winch pulley system (part 276-1546) should be using a #6 with shoulder screws having shoulder dimensions slightly exceeding 0.160 by 0.325. Commercially available as "303 Stainless Steel, Star Head Shoulder Screw, 5/32 in. Dia. x 3/8 in. Long" would suffice (e.g., If constraining anything, limit the constraint to #6, #8, M3.5 or M4 threads, with maximum thread length, and recommend "star" or "Torex" sockets, for consistency.

Answered by committee

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