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Clarification R3


<R3> states:

a. Significant changes to a Robot, such as a partial or full swap of Subsystem 3, must be re-inspected before the Robot may compete again. b. All possible functional Robot configurations must be inspected before being used in competition. This especially pertains to modular or swappable mechanisms (per <R1>)…

This seems to suggest that it would be legal have a triball shooter mechanism (Subsystem 3) on the robot for skills, and then remove the triball shooter for matches. Is this correct? Our team is interested in doing this since the triball shooter is not used in matches.

If both configurations (shooter and non-shooter configurations) are shown and approved at the initial tournament inspection, does the robot need to be re-inspected every time the change is made during the competition? The skills run is often done between matches and it may be difficult to get re-inspected before the start of the next match.

Answered by committee

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